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A Sound Connection Project Chuckle Productions has received funding from the National Foundation for Youth Music to launch a unique music- making project for children with profound additional needs. Using specialist sound technology and connective movement therapy, this unique project will allow even the most hardest to reach child whether physically or emotionally isolated, to take part and discover music making regardless of ability.   The young people taking part will be able to create and experience music in a new and innovative way, along with the one to one support of our specialist facilitators. So what is Soundbeam Technology? It’s an amazing and unique musical instrument that uses motion sensors and switches to translate body movements into music and sound. The child doesn’t have to wear special gloves, operate a controller, or wave a wand or bat in the air. They simply need to move in a way that is comfortable for them and the machine will do the rest. The child will learn how different movement qualities can shape and control the virtual orchestras, with rock groups, jazz bands, circuses, rainforests and haunted houses at their fingertips, and they can create musical pieces and soundscapes of ever increasing sophistication and subtlety. “The possibility of doing anything spontaneously is not often given to a disabled person - Soundbeam has the capacity to let me draw music from it simply by waving my arms ... and thus forget, for a few blissful minutes, the physical disability which has taken up far too much space in my life and the lives of others like me. I can say that for me it is indeed pure magic.”  Chris Lees – Soundbeam musician. What is Connective Movement Therapy? Connective Therapy is recommended for children/young people on the autistic spectrum who have limited communication skills, or who have profound and multiple learning difficulties. Connective Therapy is our own devised programme based on the movement therapy of Kinaesthetic Attuning, a non-verbal communication and movement programme. Our specially trained facilitators work on a one to one basis with the child using various forms of “connection” whether by physical contact, sensory materials or communication through sound/music. “My child’s signing skills have progressed greatly and his range of vocal sounds has increased too” “My child is affectionate with a wider range of people now and will even seek out completely new people to interact with. “He is more animated, happy and motivated, socially more confident in different situations with people who are not family or close friends” “My child is now looking around at people, and taking notice of his surroundings which he didn’t do before. School have also mentioned that D is much more verbal and responsive within the classroom environment” “My child has always loved music, singing and dancing and the sound connection project has reached her on a new level I believe. It has enhanced her interest and enthusiasm and increased her confidence which is wonderful as music and dance makes her so happy!” Please contact either Sara Christie on 07837 741 510 ( or Sharon Hodson on 07580 016 993  ( to book a consultation.